Welcome to Hawksnest Tubing Park, the largest snow tubing park on the East Coast! Enjoy our 30 lane snow tubing park with four different areas to snow tube and lanes from 400 – 1000 feet long. 100% snowmaking and lighting on all lanes and 2 moving carpet lifts to bring you back to the top.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Dressing warm for your outdoor activity is a requirement. Dressing warm just takes a little thought and preparation. The key to remember is layers, layers, layers. Layering your clothes is the key to being comfortable and staying warm. Multiple layers will keep you warmer than one big layer.

You should wear your lightest layer on the bottom, preferable something that pull moisture away from your body like polypropylene. Follow the bottom with heavier layers, fleece is a good layer. If you dress in layers you can take off a layer as the day gets warmer. If you do not layer, you can only take off your big jacket with your short sleeve shirt under it or you will be very hot snow tubing in a big jacket. Make sure you attach your snow tubing ticket to something you will have on all day. Don’t attach your ticket to your big jacket because when you take it off you will not have your ticket. You need your ticket to snow tube.

Always try to top off your layers with a waterproof winter jacket. When you are snow tubing chances are you will get snow on your body. Rent a pair of bibs from the resort. Bibs rent for $11 dollars and will make you day dry and warm.

Up to 70% of your body heat is lost through an uncovered, dry head. Always wear a hat. Hats can be wool or fleece; both are great to keep you warm. Remember to get a hat which also covers your ears.

Make sure you wear durable and warm gloves. Fingers are easily susceptible to frostbite and will be very uncomfortable fast when exposed to the cold. Spend a few extra dollars for gloves that are waterproof. Always try on the gloves, if you can not move your fingers it will be hard to grip your snow tube.

Eye protection is recommended whether it is sunglasses or goggles. The snow reflects the sun, which makes it very hard to see.

Socks are not to be overlooked. It is important to make sure they are both long and breathable. The thickness of the sock is a personal preference so you might want to bring a few pairs. A big wool sock will be great for snow tubing.

If you are lucky and the day is going to be really cold get a neck gator or wear a turtleneck to pull over your face and neck.

These items do not cost much money just some time planning ahead. Most resorts have these items for sale in the ski shop if you forget. Remember you want to have fun snow tubing not shivering from the cold.

Check road conditions before traveling. Call the resort or go to www.ncdot.org/traffictravel for the latest updates on road conditions. The resort is located in Watauga and Avery County and accessible by NC Highway 105.

Plan your trip and purchase tickets as soon as possible. Weekend and Holiday sessions will sell out. Tickets can be purchased online.

If you love snow tubing, why not try your hand at winter ziplining! Hawksnest now features the longest Zip line Tour on the East Coast, featuring 20 cables, four of which are known in the zip line industry as super or mega zips.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy our Coffee Bar, Hamburgers and Pizza before, during and after your tubing and zipping sessions!

Cancellation Policy

Please keep in mind weather will have an impact on your tubing experience. Please check weather conditions before purchasing your ticket. Purchased tubing tickets are only refundable if the resort is not open for weather related purposes. We will not refund your ticket price due to weather which prevented you from arriving at your reservation date and time.


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